Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chicago/Washington D.C. Dance Exchange

I am proud to announce a new project!

I miss my old city already and am setting up a dance exchange between my new city and my old one to encourage the flow of ideas from the east coast to the third coast.

Check out my website for new information updated regularly or if you would like to participate.
Chicago/DC Dance Exchange

Monday, May 13, 2013

Chicago Re-Cap and Moving to D.C.

Ugh!  I've been so busy wrapping up my last semester teaching at UW-Milwuakee, winding down my time at The Dance Center of Columbia College, and preparing for my last show (before I move) with Mordine and Company.  I'm happy to say that I only had to fail ONE student this semester, my beautiful co-workers at The Dance Center gave me a lovely send of with oodles of cake, and this last show is going to be a snap.  So I'm happy.

So, in prep for my move, I'll get dance-nostalgic:

UWM - You crazy kids, you.  My Modern 1 students were so inspiring.  I had a student tell me that I changed their life.  These are the moments teachers live for.  Seriously.  And this was coming from a non-dance major who looked like they had been stuck in a desk for about 20 years.  My Body Sense students... well, they were a bit less inspiring, but let me tell you, I learned a TON, and I mean a TON from reading the papers of my 2 Army vets.  It alllllllmost makes me want that extra degree in Dance Movement Therapy, but I have enough debt so...

The Dance Center - You crazy artists, you.  I will never look at Rupaul's Drag Race in the same way again and you all win the award for the most dry humor executed in a lighting booth.  I will also miss tripping over the 20 odd foam rollers in the hallways.  My thighs thank you for all the rolling out I did over the year and a half.

Visceral Dance Center - You were my go-to spot for dance classes.  I cheated on you with Lou Conte, Links Hall, Dance Center Evanston, Hamlin Park, and the Ruth Page Center, but you were the one I came home to.  That being said, I will miss all the fabulous teachers I was able to experience in such a short time.  If you're thinking of Chicago as a place to study, there are so many top-notch teachers here that will whip you into concert shape in no time.  My modern favorites include Mikey Rioux, Kristina Fluty, Melinda Myers, and Molly Shanahan (whenever she comes home). Keep dancing.

I also saw so much dance.  I'm frequently recommending summer programs and companies as their event announcements come to me on Facebook, so check out my public page at :

NOW, one more show this Thursday and Friday at Hamlin Park with Mordine and Company and then I get in my station wagon and drive to DC.  I'm excited (mostly because I haven't seen my husband in a month) to get going out there and figuring out what the scene is like in my new city.

Oh, and I'm moving less than a mile away from the ZOO!  The ZOO!  I'll be able to hear their big cats growling or roaring or whatever they do.  Can't wait.