Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, I just received my GLCMA (Graduate Laban Certification in Movement Analysis) from Columbia College in Chicago. It was quite a road (15 months) and for those of you who haven't heard of Movement Analysis, there are only 2 places to become a CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) and only 1 place to become a GLCMA in the United States of America. Phew!

This basically means that I can analyze people's movement. This can be used for Dance, Acting, personal consultations for the workplace, Therapy, etc., etc. Beyond being able to break down human movement into recognizable parts, it is also a fabulous tool for pushing the art of Dance forward. There are so many forms of dance out there in South Florida and often times we have a hard time comparing them, appreciating them and risking precious ticket money on a new show. What the GLCMA gave me was clarity of language to more consistently define what makes a show a success from Bollywood to Butoh.

As I preach in the classroom, you can't define something by what you "like" or how it makes you "feel good". It's so much deeper than that. My personal journey was getting past judging a show on how "intellectual" I perceived it to be. When you strip the dance down to levels and efforts, initiations and shaping... it becomes even more exciting. So now I am all pumped up to go out there and see more work and create more work! That's all for now...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miami Made

So I just discovered the Miami Made festival...
The point is for the illustrious Arscht center and affiliates to celebrate and highlight the work of local artists in order to support the growth of new and experimental work in Miami. BUT, it was hardly advertised. Only those established in the arts scene got emails or notices. Well.

Anyhoo, I stopped by because someone had graciously gotten me a ticket because they thought I would benefit from attending. My first impression... experimental? What? Granted, I was not able to stay for the whole weekend and see some of the highlighted and ticketed events (of which the artists get NO proceeds), but if this is experimental, then I'm Crispin Hellion Glover.

But Miami, I love ya! Kiss kiss.