Monday, June 30, 2014

Mountain Empire Performance Collective: One Week Until The Capitol Fringe

Mountain Empire Performance Collective: One Week Until The Capitol Fringe: Everybody Knows This Is Now Here Capitol Fringe, July 10-17, 2014 Katie here: I am patiently awaiting the 4th of July weekend.  It&#3...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Laban Inspired Dance and Ophelia

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday (6/26 - 6/28) are the last days of show for Taffety Punk's run of Enter Ophelia: Distracted at CHAW.
"Enter Ophelia, distracted combines the striking intensity of actor Kimberly Gilbert with the refined and investigative choreography of Erin Mitchell, immersed in a sea of music and sound to expose the inner and outer workings of Ophelia's self."
As a bonus, on Saturday night (6/28) I am presenting a re-worked excerpt of my piece Space-Time:
"Event Horizon (solo) and Gravity (duet) are from a suite of dances called Space-Time that explores the relationship between astrophysical phenomena and human relationships. Energetic vacillations, spatial foci, and the images we create when we make decisions, form relationships, break ties, and move each other through life drive these pair of dances through space.  The creation of Space-Time is the creative arm of Katie’s heuristic research on Laban’s theories of the flow effort, his theories on its psychophysical manifestations and Sopoci Drake’s specific theories on their connection to 4-dimensional space that she’s been developing since 2009."
I'd like to invite all Labanites out to analyze the show.